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Driving Smart in Malaysia during Your Visit

Most tourist destinations in Malaysia are generally well-connected with roads and major highways, especially urban centres such as Kuala Lumpur. Malaysian roads are usually well-built and well-maintained, and it is generally a pleasant experience to drive along Malaysian roads. If you are planning to rent cars from Suria Car Rental, though, there are a few things to keep in mind before embarking on your journey across Malaysia, especially if it’s your first time driving in the country.

Before collecting your car from Suria Car Rental, make sure you have a valid driving license that can be used in Malaysia. Only Singaporean and Thailand licenses are recognized in Malaysia—for citizens of other countries, you will need an international driving permit which allows you to drive in Malaysia for up to 6 months, after which you will have to apply for a Malaysian license.

Also, do note that Malaysia practices left-hand traffic, a tradition from the British colonial times. This means that all traffic in the country has to keep left—a departure from a majority of the world. If you do not have experience in left-hand traffic, make sure to take your leased car for a practice spin to familiarize yourself first.

Tolls are found on most major highways in Malaysia. Always make sure to prepare some money or get a loaded Touch n’ Go card so that you will not experience any trouble at a toll.

Malaysians rely heavily on vehicles to get around, especially in Kuala Lumpur. After renting your car in KL, try to stay away from the urban roads during rush hour (9am-11am, 5pm-7pm) as roads can be greatly congested during that time.

If there’s any trouble while driving your leased car, call 999 for police or ambulance.