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Getting Around During Holiday Travels in Malaysia

If you’re considering whether to rent a car in Kuala Lumpur when traveling t interesting places in Malaysia, it’s important to note that a vehicle is absolutely essential to make your way around Malaysia properly. The public transport system of Malaysia is known to be quite slow and cumbersome, with a limited coverage area.

The limitation in reach is perhaps the prime reason why you should consider renting a car from Suria Car Rental. If you’re planning to just only visit popular urban areas in KL, public transport may suffice. However, if you’re planning to explore the best of Malaysia, car rental is essential!

Although many bus lines and systems exist, there are still many areas in Malaysia that are not serviced by any form of bus transport, and it holds true even in developed areas around KL and Klang Valley.

The only other accessible public transport system is the mass transit or train line, but even that will only bring you to a limited pool of destinations—hardly what you would look for during an exciting holiday trip! This is not to mention that only Klang Valley has a functioning mass transit system. There are no such systems in any of the other towns and cities in Malaysia.

Taxis are commonly found in most parts of Malaysia, but are not a cost effective method as they can easily require far more money than simply renting a car. Taxis may be difficult to find during certain times too, such as during rush hour and/or late night.

For visitors who are planning a road-trip to visit suburban and rural areas of Malaysia or to travel to multiple states in the country, car rental and vehicle leasing from Suria Car Rental is your best, if not only, option.